MusicTag for Spotify

Categorize and organize the songs in your Spotify library with ease. Created with React, Next.JS, and Mantine with a MongoDB back-end.

UMD Room Schedules

Search the schedule of courses that occur in a specific room on the UMD campus. Created with React, Next.JS, and Bootstrap with JavaScript search logic.

Portfolio Website

Website offering a look at me beyond the contents of my resume. Explore my experiences, accomplishments, and education in-depth.

Fun fact: I built this website for fun when I was 12! It has since been updated, but I have published the original version here for anybody who is interested. I was... a very different person back then.

Valuable Institutions

Data science tutorial on performing effective data curation, management, and analysis using data from the US Department of Education on higher education institutions.

Window Manager

Light-weight script to manage application window dimensions and position with simple keyboard shortcuts. Powered by AutoHotkey.